How do I know God isn’t done with me?

October 14th, 2019

😀 Start again. Falling down doesn’t mean you stay down, It means God isn’t done with you yet.

It’s the act of standing back up that’s important and the lesson to be learn. Every setback means you are about to see a miracle through a come back.

Trust my words when I say that you are getting stronger and wiser than yesterday. God isn’t done with you yet!

You need to keep fighting for it. You need better daily habits and keep your promises. God is waiting for you to get up, are you listening? 

He already know your future and what you are capable of… 

You know how it feels like being sitting in the couch, procrastinating, not leading yourself to greatness. 😩 Eck! 

You know how it feels to get a “WIN” because you work so hard for… 
What is stopping you, today? 

Yesterday, I made a decision to step up and lead myself. I know my mentor was so proud of my actions. She didn’t have to express or say ” Way to go, Di! You’re working on your business today”

You know how it feels when we get out of your comfort zone… It can be paralyzing at times!

So, committed to yourself that falling isn’t a option, but getting up is your NEW HABIT. Just declare, “GOD ISN’T DONE WITH ME YET”

That feeling in your gut is real! I want to see you succeed, Your mentors wants to see you success. Just by you being reading this blog right now and searching for an answer, It tells me that you have determination.

Do not live on the false idea that someday you will just arrive. You know… “ARRIVE!” Like you would be:

Happy enough…
Spiritual enough…
Fit enough…
Rich enough…
Successful enough…
Wise enough

((that’s hilarious))…

Pray that you would ARRIVE and life would just get easier. It isn’t the answer! 

The answer is taking actions … Period! ops, that hurts! I’m telling you, it’s a fallacy. Even when you have everything your heart desire, guess what?


Each day, as long as you are here on this earth, you are called to be more like Him and make decisions for a better version of yourself. You are becoming a new person, a role model, and God’s masterpiece; And sometimes, that’s flat out AGONIZING.

Sometimes you need to be humbled, broken, lose something… in order to grow closer to God. My prayer today is not to wish anything was easier; the path of EASE screams:

❌ Helpful heart

❌ Be bolder

❌ More leadership roles

Pray that you have discernment to follow in the Path He set for you. 

Ask God “Make me better, use me, guide my steps”

Be Proud that you are a professional Network Marketer. One thing I know for sure – GOD ISN’T DONE WITH YOUR BUSINESS!

Get ready to be a blessing and be blessed in your entrepreneurial journey! 

Di Carter — Founder of Social Entrepreneur Leaders

Di Carter