How to Overcome Fear of Failure

September 9th, 2019

The fear of failure is real and it stops people in their tracks.


What if I screw up, what if I’m rejected, what if I stumble over my words, what if I go out on a limb and I fall?

Friends, the fruit is always at the end of the branch!

You must be willing to:

→ Risk ridicule

→ Make mistakes

→ Ask advice

→ Stay connected

→ Work on your skill

→ Improve your methods

→ Stay tuned to your vision and goals

You won’t be good at this for at least 1 year.

→ Commit 12 months to learn the craft.

→ Commit 3 years to make a little money.

→ Commit 5 years to fire your boss and be a full time six figure earner.

→ Commit 7 years to become a seven figure earner.

Most people aren’t willing to be BAD long enough. Get enough NO’s… Practice on perfect strangers, and ignore the noise.

You can change your LIFE in this industry… You just have to be willing to expose yourself in vulnerability.

The fruit is for the taking … 🍏🍎🍐🍊

Di Carter — Founder of Social Entrepreneur Leaders

Di Carter