Comparison is the Thief of Joy

September 2nd, 2019

Wow, but isn’t that statement true?!

I would bet that almost all of us have been in the position where you have done something, achieved something, created something that you are SUPER proud of.

You feel on top of the world about it and then… You see that someone else has done it already. Not only did they do something similar to what you want to do, but– in your mind – they did it better. Suddenly… ⚡ Boom! ⚡…the wind has gone out of your sails, you feel flat and deflated and, well, just plain sad.

It could be a friend, a peer, a complete stranger that you’ve been comparing yourself to.

Well, I want you to stop the comparison game IMMEDIATELY!

Why be envious if you know you have what it takes to do the same or even better? The answer is on the learning, actions, and showing up.

Hear me out:

➡️It really is none of your business what other people are doing.

YOUR business is your business and it is exactly your uniqueness that makes your achievement absolutely brilliant and perfect for what YOU are doing.

If you decide that someone else’s uniqueness is better that your own… well that’s a game you ain’t ever going to win!

I challenge you to stop playing the comparison game.

It’s time to avoid comparison like the plague and just recognize and embrace the fact that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Di Carter — Founder of Social Entrepreneur Leaders

Di Carter