Hey, Di Carter Here!


Great meeting you…


I would love to share with you more about who I am and why Helping and building your Network Marketing business is such a passion of mine!


I help women entrepreneurs step up to their own genius and understand how profitable relationship marketing works so she can lead with integrity, honesty, and influence their community online.



My Mission

My Mission is to help you understand the meaning of a true connection and conversation that brings you joy and having fun while doing. Your passion will be discover daily as you going through the skills.

My purpose

My purpose is to increase your confidence, wisdom, and happiness on your own journey as the powerful leader that you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

Mini Courses & Materials

My purpose with the Mini Courses & Free Resources are to help you elevate your knowledge in a way that increase leads and expertise in your new prospecting to close more sales and signed up more business partners.

It all starts with you!

  • Let me tell you that I am no different than you, or special, but I know that each one of us are favored by God.
  • What I can tell you is… The secret lays within you, and you are not here by accident. You were directed here, so you can achieve the life of your dreams, to unlock what you don’t know yet.


Is social media a new platform for you?

  • Don’t worry! I will teach you step by step and answer all your questions on our exclusive Premier group. Starting out, I thought I knew it all, but social media is much bigger than you think! There are many platforms you still don’t know and skills to master.
  • It’s about boosting your business and presence 10X online.
  • Certainly, you will have a lot of “aha!” moments and laughs in the process of learning what is relationship marketing.
  • I truly believe that I have been through so many struggles in life and businesses so you would have a way to feel connected with my struggles.

The possibilities are endless, if you don't quit

  • Jump in with both feet! My entrepreneurial journey started with open an non-profit Christian based business, then a traditional business and two online businesses. All start-up businesses and all created online, just like yours! So I know you have what it takes… You are a fighter, go-getter, and determine to learned the “HOW’S”
  • Are You a network marketing business owner or have an online business?  it’s time to learn the strategies instead of wondering, “what if?!” I built all online and I was working full-time at the hospital with twin babies. Guess what? I never looked back.
  • After the income increase, I was able to set my own schedule and work from home. Finally, I had the time and financial freedom that I have heard so much about.


What are you looking for?

  • Let’s dive into the information and relaunch your business properly with an online presence, learn what you don’t know about social media, and all the hacks to attract your ideal customers & business partners.
  • They are waiting for you to step up and become a high achiever as a social media entrepreneur! Let’s do this ..


My Story


I came to United States of America when I was only 16 years old. I felt like an outcast as I was not able to communicate with anyone. That’s how I felt when I first started as a Social Entrepreneur in the online world.

Do you feel the same? Wanting to know the perfect script, lost in your own words, and wondering what to say next?

Growing up, my life was very challenging, and I experienced some major trials that you might relate to. I grew up without a father (although I had many wonderful role models, which I am extremely grateful for).

I was raised by a single mom and I have seen poverty all my life and I have met many people through all walks of life in a 3rd world. If anyone can make it, that person is you.

I counted my blessings, and you are probably counting yours right about now.

As a teenager, I started my adventure as a world traveler, moving away from my home country. It was scary and lonely, but I could foresee so many possibilities and opportunities along the way.

Do you feel in your gut that you have an amazing gift in your hands, but just don’t know where to start?

Do you know is stopping you right now? Fear, and I am here to make it clear to you: When you step in faith, it’s no guarantee. It’s freedom that you have never experience in your life. It’s a breakthrough that has everything to do with “Get out of your own way” People are waiting for you to change their lives.

Ooooh, that butterflies feeling in your gut – are you feeling it?

We all have that fear in our gut, until we have a coach that is transparent, positive, and can show you what is possible.

It’s a life changing experience.

It’s time for your breakthrough.

Have you ever felt you just needed a change?

That there is something out there bigger than you, that you could be the answer if you jump in with both feet and start take the actions?

I was there just like you, scared. I was scared of everything and struggling, until I said yes to myself and my story begin 5 years ago as a serial social entrepreneur.

Enough about me, This is about your dreams and the positive impact you are making just by being reading my story. Get inspire and build your legacy!! I am cheering for you …


Di Carter


My Approach

When I work with you, individually and as a group, I bring to our partnership knownledge:

  • A positive, fun, appreciative approach that values your precious time. 


  • A practice of listening carefully and following the easy steps will help you grow your skills and explore your struggles


  • A belief that your individual and team uniqueness is a source of purpose to impact many families who are in search for an opportunity


  • A recognition that your challenges may be similar to those of other companies, but that your values, purpose and actions are unique to you.


  • The intent to help you move from ‘doing just fine’ or ‘doing well’ to grow as a strong Network Marketer


  • A commitment to helping you connect skills to actions, so that you put into practice the knowledge and systems that will help you achieve your goals



  • Social Media Lives topic list
  • Social Post for network marketers
  • Engagement questions
  • 150+ of entrepreneur, inspirational, and bible quotes


  • Mini Course: “how to create Facebook & Instagram post cards for your brand”
  • Mini Course: “How to create your branding kit & Your personal logo”
  • Mini Course: “How to tell your story effectively” (4 easy steps)
  • My favorite 10 FREE Branding Apps for amazing photo & selfies
  • Lighting, Video & Studio Gear Kit information 


  • Prospecting
  • Inviting
  • Follow up
  • Closing
  • 5-12  Sequence of follow-ups


  • Mini Course: “How to handle Objections with scripts”
  • Mini Course: “How to start a conversation online”
  • Mini Course: “What is network marketing business daily activity? DMO”
  • Mini Course: “How to find your ideal leads on Facebook & a few tips on Instagram”
  • Mini Course: “The mindset of a network Marketer”


  • Coaching is a partnership for daily accountability
  • How to enrolled more business partners with “SELL” Live challenges
  • How to find your ideal customers & new Leads
  • How to discover your brand
  • How to tell your story effectively & Create quick results instantly


  • Facebook & instagram profile review
  • Facebook Lives 101
  • 10 days Live Challenge with content Live topics
  • FREE BONUS: 365 days Social Media Content Planner
  • FREE BONUS: Network Marketing Scripts 101
  • FREE BONUS: Network Marketing Scripts 101 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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