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Do you see your fellow network marketers closing sales and enrolling business partners and wonder how they’re doing it?

Are you waking up every day to a constant feeling of dread as you know you have to connect with potential customers and yet you don’t know how?

Does the thought of selling make you feel sleazy and uncomfortable?

Do you wish it could be easier or have more fun?

Well now it can!!!  Welcome to my world!! My name is Di Carter – my friends call me “Mama Di” and I have the solution you’re seeking!

I’m here to give you the edge that you need to succeed in your network marketing business.

Just imagine for a moment that you’re confidently reaching out to your ideal customers every day, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that feels really good!! So good in fact, because it’s just YOU doing YOU!

You’re showing up every day as your best self – winning because you have the edge!

I want you to see yourself creating an impact on social media, being an influencer and building an income. Why?  Because this absolutely can be your day to day reality!

All you need is a solid strategy from someone who has been in the field, who knows your struggles and has found the solution.

How would feel to add 1-100 customers into your business right now? 

There was a time when I would never have believed that I could achieve this kind of result.  I was struggling big time!!

I started my network marketing business in April 2017 and I was full of excitement!  But that excitement very quickly descended into confusion and self-doubt because I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing or saying to potential customers!  I reached out to my mentor a few times but I could tell she was super busy so I felt bad because I didn’t want to bother her. 

Whenever I did approach people I got rejected or got an objection that I didn’t know how to handle.  I just felt so stuck!

If I only knew then what I know now!! I was literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table because I didn’t know what to do or say next!

 After a few months of feeling pretty defeated, I decided that I needed to take my power back and take control.  I threw myself into studying  and I took course after course, investing thousands and working with such leaders and reading books from Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Rob Sperry, Frazer Brooks and a dozens more professional network marketing Top Earners, to name but a few.

I learned something new from each leader and I started to complete the puzzle of what it takes to succeed in network marketing.  Therefore; More answers were unlocked  and as I grew my knowledge, my business grew too with a simple strategy ((attraction Marketing))




Where to find your ideal customer?

What to look good on your selfies?

How do I create success by reading?

How can I grow spiritually on my business?

About Me

From the friendly sky & the hospital O.R. to a 7 figures international business:

 Welcome to my serial entrepreneurial journey

 Hey, there! My name is Di Carter. Great meeting you!

I was born in Brazil, South America and now live in the midwest part of the United States. I am happily married to an amazing man who shares my faith in God. Our biggest joy in life is the honor of raising our wonderful twin girls!

A little fact about me: I speak fluent Portuguese and English and I become a flight attendant at the age of 19 and was in the medical field for over 6 years working in the O.R.

The corporate world had me for 20 years; let’s not talk about my age. I remembered the panic I used to have on Sunday night, before the work week would begin.

Making the switch from a professional medical career to a work-from-home Mom has been one of the most rewarding and, yes, sometimes challenging decisions that I’ve made. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! In our family, we love residual income and you should experience the same. Read more about my journey here.

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Di is ON FIRE with major passion for her family AND her business! This shines through as she shares and coaches! A delight and an inspiration, Di has her focus squarely set to thrive today AND, in the future, … and to help you do the same!

Dr. Rita L. Goad, PHD – Health & Wellness coach & Entrepreneur Elite Leader

Di Carter is an amazing business mentor. I am very grateful for her generosity, guidance and coaching. Just after one (generously long) 1:1 call, she helped me see the shifts I needed to make in my business to get better engagement on my social media platforms. I was close but missing key elements to get to the next level. I was feeling defeat and overwhelm, but when Di came into my life, it was like a miracle! She showed me exactly what I had to do. Forever grateful. Thank You so much Di! 🙏🙏

Stephanie Jackson – Founder of Freedom to Live

Di is amazing! She was one of the first people I met and connected with on social media when I first started my business. She has motivated, encouraged, and uplifted me more than she knows! She is a kind, hardworking, and passionate person that has turned into one of the greatest leaders I know! She is always more than willing to share her knowledge and help a fellow entrepreneur out! I am grateful every day we connected…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Christal Snider – Social Entrepreneur

I am proud to say that today with my team we amount to almost 20k a month in sales and we are growing fast. And I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the support and all the social media strategies I learned from Di Carter! If you are a struggling network marketer not knowing what to do on social media Di Carter is your girl!

Milena Mitkov – Health Coach & Entrepreneur Premier Leader

Unlock the TOP LEADERS social media system & discover how to DUPLICATE YOUR TEAM 

Di Carter