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YEEEEEES, MAMA! My clients have being using my very simple system for years. You will love it and so your team! Watch out for growth and all the fun you will have by being organized.

“The blessing are on the follow ups” – Rita Goad. She is one of my favorite mentors in the network marketing space. Guess what?! She is right, girlfriend. Go get your blessings!

Snag your tracker and become a professional conversation starter. Plus, never miss a follow up again. Follow the simple system and enjoy all the bonuses.

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You’re God’s Masterpiece!

I am so glad you are here! 

If you are a network marketer, a social marketer or a direct seller, you’re in the right place.

Here’s your home for tons of resources, training and information to take your business to next level.

How to sprint to the top as a mom in Network Marketing. You must learn as you earn and have fun while you are building your team. 

The number ONE reason you haven’t gone to the next level is having a simple system to generate more leads, sales and happy leaders.

Start your journey with me by clicking the photo “Get Out Of Any Negative Thoughts fast” Enjoy the My Daily 17 Affirmation For Moms In Network Marketing. YEEES! Another Freebie for you! 

 Welcome home, mama. 

You are here now… I am SUPER proud of you!

– Di Carter

Di Carter is a 6- years veteran in network Marketing industry, a pioneering leader, speaker and upcoming leader coach.

She resides in Indiana and is happily married with twin girls. She was raised by a single mom and taught herself English at the age of 16.

She has developed a seven-figure sales team using a very simple system online that helps top leaders creates massive results building teams.

When Di isn’t building her businesses, she is serving on international mission trips or at home enjoying the small town living and volunteering as a sport coach.

– Coach Di Carter


More Leads, please!

One of the simplest secrets to success is to build your list everyday. Imagine having 10 new persons a day to talk to, and its not your friends or family.

Ooooooh … I bet you loved that! I’ll teach you how, and you’ll be so happy to generate endless leads.

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The truth is without a list of leads…

you don’t have a business.


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“Di Carter is an amazing business mentor. I am very grateful for her generosity, guidance and coaching. Just after one (generously long) 1:1 call, she helped me see the shifts I needed to make in my business to get better engagement on my social media platforms. I was close, but missing key elements to get to the next level. I was feeling defeat and overwhelm, but when Di came into my life, it was like a miracle! She showed me exactly what I had to do. Forever grateful. Thank You so much Di!”

– Stephanie

“Di is great and super friendly! I love her content planner and where to find ideal customers! Awesome system to work with!”

– Arielle

“Di Carter, is an absolute blessing to work with! She is an amazing leader with a heart of gold. She has so much passion for helping others succeed. Di has taught me so much since I have met her. She is a beautiful soul inside and out and truly pours her heart into everything she does! Not only is she a beautiful soul but she also has a wonderful personality, and she loves to laugh. Working with Di Carter has been such an amazing experience for me!!”

– Melissa

“Di is a great leader. She is driven to help people succeed. She goes above and beyond to make sure you understand what she’s teaching. She breaks it down so even a child can understand it. She is also very creative and takes pride in everything she does. I’m proud to call her my mentor and friend.”

– Cassie

“Di has the most genuine heart and a giving spirit!!! She is full of great knowledge & tips and loves to share them and help other people! All w no expectations! She is an amazing leader and person! Always leading by example and uplifting and encouraging everyone else!”

– Krista

“Di Carter is an incredible person! She has an amazing business, shes an awesome leader and really knows her stuff! She has the biggest heart and is a great friend. Deffo recommend her coaching services!”

– JoJo

“This lady is an amazing humble and successful leader. She helps others rise and teaches incredible strategies. If your looking to hit your time and financial goals then di is your girl”

– Natasha

“I love Di! She has such a loving spirit. She instructs with love and is willing to teach and help others succeed. She shares her love and joy from Jesus to all she meets.”


“Di is amazing! She was one of the first people I met and connected with on social media when I first started my business. She has motivated, encouraged, and uplifted me more than she knows! She is a kind, hard working, and passionate person that has turned into one of the greatest leaders I know! She is always more than willing to share her knowledge and help a fellow entrepreneur out! I am grateful every day we connected…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Krista

‘Di is ON FIRE with major passion for her family AND her business! This shines through as she shares and coaches! A delight and an inspiration, Di has her focus squarely set to thrive today AND in the future … and to help you do the same!

– Rita

“Di’s positivity is contagious!! She has given me great advice in how to use social media and she has great tips to share. I highly recommend her she knows her stuff!!”

– Erika P.

“Di is so knowledgeable and driven. I have implemented Di’s social media strategies she teaches and they have helped accelerate my business online. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!”


Di is one of the most loving & giving people I have ever met. She would be there to help anyone in a time of need. She had passion, drive & Faith In all she does. You can depend on her to get things done in the best way she knows.”

– Kim

“Di is an amazing coach. I met and connected with Di on social media before starting my own business. She has motivated and encouraged me. She’s a passionate person with a great knowledge. Highly recommend Di.”

– Martina

“1/5/20 – Di Carter, I wanted to thank you for creating your social media content planners. I used your 2019 content planner and I had so many creative ideas to work with. Additionally, I doubled my followers in both Facebook and Instagram! I recommend to anyone who needs fresh and creative content ideas. I’m getting my 2020 social media content planner now! — in Glendale, California.

7/8/18 – Di Carter is an amazing leader. She shares great ideas and tips. Read her page and watch her videos daily. They’re chock full of info!”

– Janet

“This woman is a star. I remember when we met a while ago. It was a New Year Eve. She was genuinely so positive and caring about people, that would always make me think about her and follow her journey through Facebook as a mom, wife and professional.”

– Bruna

Di Carter